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Premier Athletic Training – Fairfield County Connecticut

“Game changers are individuals or organizations that see a new way to complete a task that is more efficient than the traditional methods.” Game Change Performance strives to maximize athletic potential by providing detailed & dynamic instruction custom tailored to fit each individual athlete’s needs, at at clinics, camps, workshops and private instruction. Train with Fairfield County’s own; NCAA Division 1 and Professional Athlete, CHAD UPSHAW.


  • "Our family was lucky to connect with Chad Upshaw 3 1/2 years ago when we moved to the area.  Our two sons (18 and 13) play football and Chad tailored a program for each boy based on their position, and their physical strengths and weaknesses.  Chad, ​ worked with our older son to fully prepare him for the preseason fitness test at prep school.  The workouts are challenging with definitive results.  For the younger athletes, Chad remembers to include some fun at the end of each session so that they look forward to the next workout.  Our boys adore him! We, ​ highly recommend Chad as an experienced, knowledgeable trainer!"
    Diana and Scott Metro – Westport CT
  • "Chad began working with my son, Christian, for football & speed/agility training in the summer before his freshman year of high school. After the first session -- the two of them met nearly every single week, year round, for 3 years. Chad provided for any and all of our training needs – Pre-season: speed/agility & conditioning; In-season: film study & skills training; Off-season: college prep/combine training. His diligence and expertise proved most tangibly when Christian ran a 4.72 second 40 yard dash time at a regional HS combine – shattering his previous best of 5.31 seconds just months earlier. I believe that despite Chad’s impressive resume and expertise, his biggest impact was a result of his ineffable ability to create a connection with my son. Whether it was extra time after sessions playing video games together or coming to watch Christian’s games in person, Chad was there. His passion for teaching & inspiring young athletes is undeniable. I strongly recommend him for anyone who wants the best for their son or daughter."
  • "My son, Jack, started working with Chad over a year ago. He started out with a few other boys then worked into private sessions. Chad was instrumental in assisting Jack with specific football skills but also would go over HUDL game film and explain the plays from my son’s playbook in detail. Chad helped Jack increase his flexibility, strength, quickness and coordination but most of all his confidence. Because of Chad’s patience, motivation and skill, Jack is more impactful on the field, whether being first off the defensive line into the backfield or scoring goals in lacrosse. Jack had such great success with Chad that one of our daughters, Peyton, is working with him too. Peyton is a lacrosse and field hockey player and Chad has shown her how to increase her quickness, stamina and strength to make better use of her skills. Chad is a great motivator and given his tremendous background and athleticism can teach the fundamentals of any sport. My kids are truly enjoying training with Chad!"
    Kyle Lauricella – Wilton CT
  • "Our son has been working with Chad over the past four years and we couldn't be happier.  We instantly noticed an increase in speed, agility, dexterity, and more importantly, a sense of confidence on the field.  As an added bonus, he gets to hear about the importance of preparation and mental focus from someone who played in the NFL.  We strongly recommend Chad to any parent looking for proper training and encouragement for their children."
    Nick Morris Sr – Fairfield CT